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Nov 07, 2016

What’s special about you?

by Jackie Marshall - Senior Account Director

What’s special about you?

Do you know what’s special about your brand and is it special enough?

When did you last take a really good hard look at what makes your brand special? Does its definition stand out from others? Is it too generic and could be equally used by other players in your market? Most importantly, is what it promises relevant and meaningful to those buying? Even big companies, like Kellogg’s, have fallen foul of shifting consumer trends and witnessing annual sales of their cereals falling by around £140m versus 2015.

The acid test on how solid your proposition is: Would another option ‘be good enough’ as an alternative if your brand is not in stock or if another one on promotion offers temptation?

To achieve the maximum commercial success for your brand, you need to consistently communicate what is special and why it should be bought.

Need for cut through in a dynamic environment.

Shoppers lead increasingly busy lives and their habits are changing as they move towards top-up shopping. Waitrose recently reported an increase of 250,000 more customer transactions a week compared with the same period the previous year. Grocery retailers are divesting from their larger stores investing in smaller, more destination-led formats. This reduced, in-store dwell time means that your brand needs to communicate its relevancy with more immediacy than ever before.

Increasingly, your brand is competing within an online environment. The mere digital image of your pack needs to evoke the full emotion and understanding of it in an instant.

The first step in maximising commercial success.

Clarifying what is special about your brand is the start point in making it truly memorable. The time and effort taken and the depth of insight you use to define what makes it special will pay untold future dividends.

You need to be able to articulate who your consumers are and understand their wants and desires. With a credible solution to their needs realised, the next step is to work on being amazing: the reason that people buy, continue to buy, and in turn recommend you to others. Time to put the icing on the cake and the cherry on the top too!

A clear and focused proposition helps a brand to stand out in a busy environment and enables you to develop a relevant packaging format and design.

The detailed execution and consistent delivery of every aspect of what makes a brand special is what separates it from being truly successful to one that never reaches its true potential.

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