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Jun 22, 2018

The roaring success of Jurassic Park

by Helen Tarver - Senior Account Manager

The roaring success of Jurassic Park

Can you believe that it will be 25 years in September since Jurassic Park first hit our screens? Since first wowing audiences around the globe with its CGI effects back in 1993, the novel-inspired film series has since brought in over $4 billion at the box office. This impressive figure secures it the position as one of the most successful film franchises to date and even ranks it ahead of the Toy Story, Twilight and Shrek film series for cinema takings.

Fast forward to 2018 and the cinematic release of the fifth film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, has already pulled in $18.9 million in the UK and Ireland with its US release planned for this weekend.

It’s clear to see that Universal are still willing to channel significant investment into promoting the film as I saw when I came across the recent pop-up activation at Kings Cross London to celebrate the UK release. An impressive T-Rex roared at train travellers from impressive, firey ground and passers by were queuing to get a photo in a gyrosphere surrounded by menacing raptors. Park rangers were on hand to monitor the beasts and drive a promotion to win film merchandise alongside the activity.

Naturally such a successful family favourite holds great appeal for brands as a potential partner to generate excitement on the shelves. So what does the latest film have to offer FMCG brands and who is sharpening their teeth to take a bite of the Jurassic apple fifth time around?

Nestle Cererals seem to be making the biggest noise so far with an on-pack promotion to upgrade your Jurassic World cinema experience. Shoppers are invited to choose between an upgrade from 2D to 3D, regular to VIP seats or small to large snacks combo with every box bought. There’s an overarching holiday prize draw, plus the brand has managed to secure an FSDU through overlaying the offer with a free height chart in a Sainsbury’s in-store exclusive.

Pizza Hut has developed two limited edition pizzas around the film release tailored for both carnivores (‘Meatysaurus’) and herbivores (‘Veggiesaurus’). Customers will get their takeaways shipped out in limited edition Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom boxes emblazoned with the film title alongside a grizzly T-Rex or Indoraptor from the silver screen.

Although the film has yet to be released to US audiences, stateside brands have been maximising the film assets since March with on-pack Jurassic World partnerships from Doritos, Dr. Pepper and Mars via their Skittles, Starburst and Juicy Fruit brands. 

The common use of receipt upload on the other side of the Atlantic is evident with Dr. Pepper and Mars both featuring a receipt upload cinema ticket offer. Dr. Pepper has taken the plunge with a full pack takeover advertising a collector scheme for movie vouchers. These striking limited edition cans really help to drive the appeal of collecting two multipacks for consumers to claim.

Mars’ receipt upload mechanic is running alongside an online fruit machine style play-to-win route.

Doritos has leveraged the film assets to the maximum with a full pack takeover on various SKUs and have also opted for a play-to win mechanic.

This ‘Track, Rescue and Win’ route thoroughly engages with the film storyline as participants use pack codes to attempt video game-style missions to track and save dinosaurs from the volcanic eruption that threatens the island they live on.

We’re well versed in film and brand partnerships here at Toucan, so if you are interested in finding the right film to appeal to your shoppers (or if you fancy comparing reviews of the latest thriller dinosaur flick) give us a call today.

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