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Feb 13, 2018

Soho, Soho!

by Mike Benns - Managing Director

Soho, Soho!

Well, I honestly feel like I've come home.. Toucan is now firmly settled in its new offices as part of the Once Upon A Time Group in Golden House, Great Pulteney St.

I moved to London in 1985 to go to what was then called Central London Poly, now Westminster University. My lectures were in this building on Regent St, seminars were in Wells St and the library was in Riding House St. The West End and Soho was my campus!

My first proper job was then working for an agency in Marshall St so it feels very weird being back in Soho after 33 years.. an awful lot has changed but then the vibrancy and energy is still here together with the restaurants and hostelries to make life that bit more pleasant!

To overcome the cost of living and working here though, there is the Carnaby Card, a great idea to save 10% in selected outlets. Ideal when you want a freshly made wrap for lunch or a quick beer in one of the pubs. I used mine for the first time the other day to get a cheap(ish) haircut.. admittedly there's not a lot left to cut these days but the saving was welcome.

Talking of hairs / hares... the origin of the name Soho goes back to the 17th century when the area was made up of fields used for hunting by the gentry and 'Soho, Soho!' was a hunting cry to muster the dogs when a hare had been spotted.

Americans get very confused about Soho as in New York it means an area South of Houston St, SoMa in San Francisco is South of Market St... I have honestly overheard an American once saying "..but it's not called Hoxford Street!"

My favourite pub so far is the White Horse in Newburgh Street, a fabulous little place that serves great beer and food though I still have a soft spot for The Clachan behind Libertys where I spent many evenings as a student all those years ago.

Please do come and see us in our new home as I'd love to show you some of the new and exciting services available to us as part of the OUAT Group. Also, if we have time, a visit to one of the above establishments, purely in the interest of market research you understand!

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