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Apr 23, 2018

Smiles for the miles

by Kevin Frost - Creative Partner

Smiles for the miles

Long have brands rewarded consumers for purchase of a product or service but never has it been more critical to do more to seduce and retain shoppers.

As technology switches from ‘nice to have’ to life enhancing so are brands switching to intuitive rewards that can be measured based on a person’s personal activity.

The prime example of this is Vitality Health.

Having recently subscribed to a Private Medical Plan, Vitality absolutely stood away from its rivals by rewarding me for doing more to stay healthier. 

Simply put, the more I do the more I get. Partnership deals, Free Cinema, Coffees and guarantees to not increase premiums for keeping active which as a Marathon runner is my dream deal! In-turn, Vitality benefits from a healthier membership base with hopefully far fewer claims! That’s the theory?

Hey this isn’t revolutionary, but it is evolutionary. Tech today is allowing brands to interact with how we live our lives and what we do. Big brother it is but done well it is truly lifestyle enhancing for us all and can be fully rewarding.

As we see the introduction of GDPR I’m sure this will throw all sorts of challenges to brands on how they gain permission for this but brands we all trust should have little problems with their loyal shoppers.

So why aren’t more brands doing this? With activity and health trackers due to double by 2021 this seems like a golden opportunity to reward shoppers for doing their bit and locking them into products or services that fit their individual lifestyles.

Will we see retailers giving discounts on specific products for how many miles shoppers walk to their store? Will pet insurance decrease in cost for the more you walk your dog? Could we even see cheaper NHS prescription costs for those that clock up more points?

One thing’s for sure, what’s developing are bigger opportunities for brands to understand shoppers better and reward products that fit better to their individual needs.

But it’s not just for us mad people who pile on the miles. Trackers can link to what we consume and map where and when we consume it. 

This opens a much bigger remit to tackling growing issues like obesity where rewards can be offered for slight tweaks to how and when we consume snacks.

This would be perfect for a campaign I developed for Morrison’s a few years back that rewarded shoppers for eating fresh products rather than ready prepared meals.

Hopefully we will see more brands developing an appetite to feed their shoppers healthy rewards for their healthier lifestyles.

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