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Apr 20, 2018

Size isn’t everything!

by Gerry McEnroe - Creative Artworker

Size isn’t everything!

We’ve all seen them… Do they really get noticed? Do they really increase sales? The most basic of all shopper marketing comms vehicles. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the humble sticker.

Whether it’s a Free prize draw, Win a holiday or a Win a personalised herb box (which we have just launched for Le Rustique camembert), the humble sticker has to work exceptionally hard for its size.

These little items have a huge communication task to achieve. They have to be disruptive, stand out on pack without hiding the brand, stand out on busy shelves and most importantly, be readable at a glance.

“So let’s get this straight ... you want the promotion to be big and mention how many prizes are to be won. Plus for legal reasons, you want the start date and closing date, the website address, age restrictions, countries eligible and if you need to keep your receipt ... oh and you also want an illustration of the prize.”

With a sticker measuring perhaps only 35-40mm, the amount of information that needs to be included can pose a bit of a challenge for the Creative Department. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to get all this to work and make it look good.

This is easier said than done, but experience has taught us that it all comes down to one thing - readability. Get the message across instantly and you’re a winner. As for colours, you’d think that the more the merrier to make the sticker stand out, but lots of colours and lots of copy gets lost in such a small area, and once on a busy pack the whole thing can become invisible.

So, basically it‘s that old adage, keep it simple. No matter how many times we hear the account handlers favourite saying, ‘can you make it bigger’ we must always give the prize headline room to breathe, even on a sticker if it’s too big it’ll be unreadable.

Many POS items, be they banners, wobblers or floor stickers may send the shopper on the correct path, but the humble sticker gives the ultimate chance for the promotion to stand out on shelf and grab the shopper’s attention at the moment of truth.

Please contact Mary Anne on 020 7350 5365 to hear more about the promotions we have created… and if her advice is to stick it, remember she may be referring to what the humble sticker can do!

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