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Jan 14, 2017

My Top of the POPs for 2017

by Kevin Frost - Creative Partner

My Top of the POPs for 2017

In fear of sounding like a broken record, 2017 will present us all some fundamental challenges at the point of purchase.

Here’s my top 10 favourites POP pickers.

1. Personalisation that elevates the shopping experience.

We’ve all heard it and we’ve all talked it but true Omni-channel thinking that harness both data and insight will bring home the bacon especially when we combine with tech as a delivering platform. 

2. Rewards for the bold and the brave.

Let’s not be shy, nor compliant. Truly outstanding shopper solutions have attitude, purpose and relevance. If we are to gain valuable share of the basket let’s get personal and make sure shoppers see our brands and understand why they exist. 

3. Specialise don’t generalise.

Shoppers want clear, concise answers to direct needs. Let’s not talk generally, lets talk specifically. Get to the point and demonstrate a brand’s relevance and worth. Simple! 

4. Using data wisely will continue to deliver the numbers.

Data and content exists in huge bucket loads. Everything we seem to do and where we do it seems to be captured and stored. Like the ending to ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ I’m sure it is held in a big warehouse in big wooden crates! Let’s break some of it out and use it in the manner it was intended and avoid the default ‘Shopper assumptions’.

5. Lets get entertaining

Shoppers like nothing more than being entertained with actions or messages as they travel through their shopping mission online or in store. In times that brands are seeking to get more space and secondary sightings, let’s get the retailers excited to give over that priceless commodity, space. Let’s strive to provide unique in-store experiences. 

6. Delivery.

As Argos has set the bar high in 2016 with same day delivery, shoppers now expect ‘immediacy’ to problems. Gone are the days of buying cheaper online at the sacrifice of ‘there and then’. We all want things now. That must now be factored in our marketing plans to ensure we get our brands into even more hands, quicker. See Mary Anne's article this month about delivery..

7. Service with a smile.

The UK has long been criticised for a distinct lack of service. We all encounter it on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Lack of understanding of products, poor customer service, false promises… The list is endless but brands like John Lewis have built their business on firm, no solid, foundations of service. All need to do the same.

8. Small and perfectly formed.

Independent retailers are making a come back: stores that have a personality and purpose. The big box retailers are recognising this and delivering their own versions of it. In the UK Ikea and John Lewis are investing in smaller versions to address the growing needs of convenience and accessibility.

9. More ways to pay is the way.

Mobile payments have taken a while to gain credibility and traction. 2017 will see more transactions than ever made via mobile platforms for payments like Apple Pay. More retailers will need to accommodate this absolute need from shoppers.

10. Product quality and storytelling..

There are no prizes for guessing the retailers that do this well and have done for decades. When any product info can be found online, it is essential that retailers give the same depth of knowledge at the point of purchase to avoid ‘show rooming’ If you can get it for the same price with the same info in store, then why wouldn’t you?

So there it is. 10 hygiene factors that I think will ensure happy, smiley faces in store with happy clients and agencies alike. Happy shopping, shopper supremos!

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