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Feb 06, 2018

Minion madness

by Gary Rapps - Non-Exec Director

Minion madness

This year, the Minions are here… and wow, are they here?! They are everywhere!

The popularity of the Minions has actually superseded the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise, from which they came, and now a film dedicated to them alone is coming to a big screen near you from 26th June.

From on-pack promotions to designer shoes and dedicated theme parks to their own version of Monopoly, the Minions have very much arrived. They are a marketer’s dream.


Linking with the film has been deemed a worthwhile investment in the FMCG sector in particular, with 6 examples found in my local supermarket this week alone; from Soreen to Green Giant Sweetcorn and Honey Puffs to Capri Sun.


Whilst they all offer prizes ranging from family holidays and private screenings to the usual branded goodies, Yoplait with their Frubes SKU have gone a step further and included Minion style glasses on every pack.

Once cut out, you can use them to decipher secret messages on the box and the tubes themselves – an additional exciting element to their promotional concept. The only element which I would have liked to have seen implemented slightly differently is the material in the red cellophane glasses. Currently you have to place them right next to the pack to read the copy, which is a shame as you would think that the glasses design is be intended to be worn on your face.

Even brands that have never been known for such partnerships have embraced it. Amazon have changed their delivery boxes to bright yellow, featuring characters from the Minions film – the first time ever that they have changed packaging specifically through a marketing deal. Whilst Pantone has been struck by the Minion magic and has released its first new colour in 3 years. Yes… ‘Minion Yellow’!

We have also found that high fashion has been lured in. Check out this video from Vogue where they interviewing many famous designers on how the Minions have influenced their work.

The future for this film looks bright, certainly more yellow than orange, so it will be interesting to see if the brands involved make their millions out of Minions this year.

If we start to see the same list of partners linking with Angry Birds, Star Wars or Jurassic World then we can only presume so.

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