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Feb 14, 2017

Love in a (sales) elevator

by Helen Tarver - Senior Account Manager

Love in a (sales) elevator

Love has certainly been in the air again as retailers across the country welcomed increased sales of all things romantic thanks to Valentine’s Day 2017.  Over 50% of gifts are still purchased from the traditional model of chocolates or flowers and a card according to Mintel but is there any sign of the clichés waning?

From the cute and functional to the downright bizarre, there did seem to be a growing number of limited edition Valentine’s products in February ready to take your fancy.

Take the world of grocery. This year saw the return of the ‘Peck’ Valentine’s sausage from Heck, proving that the way to our heart is still through our stomach.

And if love was in the air at mealtimes then what better than to go the whole hog and follow it up with a box of Mr Kipling’s flirty seasonal specials complete with their own Valentine’s inspired packaging.

For the more adventurous, Morrisons was encouraging shoppers to raise their libido having recently purchased two thirds of the UK’s oysters this February. Inspired by research revealing that 40% of us have never tried oysters, the store sold the delicacies at just 25p (16% of the average RRP) in a bid to offer consumers a taste of Valentine’s luxury for the cost of the average packet of crisps.

A more surprising addition to 2017’s line up was Aldi’s premium lingerie range. The retailer launched its underwear collection last spring and released a limited edition premium collection just in time for the big day with items starting from £3.99.

Of course love makes the world go around and so it seems only appropriate for me to share a couple of more unusual February 14th campaigns I spotted from around the globe. The official 2017 world leader of love is none other than Burger King who launched two ideas this year to help diners celebrate Valentine’s day with their significant others.

The first of these was an official two-straw cup available in France in the lead up to the big day. The limited edition cup lid featured space for two straws to enable love struck lovers to while away hours gazing into each other’s eyes over a fizzy drink!

Going a step further, Burger King in Israel this year sold an ‘adults meal’ from 6pm over the Valentine’s period. The formula was the same as a kids meal but with two portions of each burger, side and drink and an ‘adult’ toy to replace the usual free gift given to children. Without telling users what the gift could be, the video seems to suggest something ‘racy’ was in store to set those pulses racing.

Makes you wonder if other restaurant chains will follow suit next year too. Could we be seeing sexy Mac and fries on the McDonalds menu or a Starbucks hot chocolate with leather whipped cream perhaps!?

I do hope not!

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