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Oct 18, 2018

Look back to see a brighter future!

by Kevin Frost - Creative Partner

Look back to see a brighter future!

For years brands have created campaigns that fight for precious shoppers' attention when it matters.

Big bold headlines, colour, bells, whistles, twirly things that were aimed to turn heads and shout about a brand's worth. So much visual noise at fixture that resembled an explosion at the Dulux factory, it was no wonder that retailers wanted to take back control.

So when we are faced with such times that space is limited and retailers defaulting to their own methods of talking to shoppers, what is the future for brands to have their say in the shopper conversation and get noticed?

Please enter the true ‘shopper marketing’ approach!

In my opinion we have a very comprehensive set of tools in our shopper toolbox to get to what matters. We need to identify the goals that shoppers see as value. Is it tangible value (price) emotive value (feeling) or reciprocal value (participative) that will sway that all important decision to buy?

It’s all pretty ‘Janet and John’ stuff but all too often overlooked in the heaps of shopper profiling, marketing trends, retailer guidelines, inside leg measurements, etc, etc.

Additionally, the true role of Shopper should inform any part of the product's presence including packaging. All too often the packaging teams will ‘go solo’ and produce packaging that looks great but could be far more effective if folded into the bigger challenge.

With space a premium and communication opportunities limited, packs could be the only thing that we have at fixture so surely it’s critical to get these right for the fight!

Some brands have recognised this and done it well. A few years ago, Nivea de-cluttered their packs and went back to an icon of their original product, the simple blue circle. They have recognised the power in what was the historic Nivea Cream pots and standardised to blue circles to become a beacon for the brand at fixture. Simple but powerful for clear navigation in a very busy category.

Understanding these assets activates the emotive triggers within our brains and subliminally presses the nostalgia button which re confirms trust in a brand's purpose.

Another great example of this is from a retailer’s perspective.

COOP for many years tweaked their logo, crafting colours, type and facia designs. However nothing was more powerful than going back to the brand people felt part of in the 60s and 70s.

So should we learn from these examples? We can all over evaluate and refine to an inch of a brand's life to get to a better look. This changes what shoppers expect with brands and faces losing the way within the confusion of far too many evolutions and articulations.

I think the final point here is simplicity is critical, whether it’s what a brand looks like or what it says…. Whoever said ‘you should never look back’!?

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