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Jul 07, 2017

Live Video Streaming. A Trend To Stay?

by Emilia Roberts - Intern

Live Video Streaming. A Trend To Stay?

In the past few months, my phone has been lighting up to tell me that the brands I follow on Instagram and Facebook have gone live, but what is making these brands jump on to this new digital marketing trend?

Live video streaming is a way to interact with other people, in that moment. More and more users are watching them with engagement (likes, comments) over 10 times the rate of normal videos and 82% prefer them to social posts.

So, what’s so good about live streaming for brands? Well, it attracts new customers, allows companies to interact with their consumers and have face-to-face contact, reinforcing the customer relationship and ‘humanising’ the brand.

Some companies, including Spotify, Asos and Starbucks, have already been using this platform because the content and ideas that can be used to promote a product or brand are endless. There are live polls, events with back stage coverage, celebrity interviews, and demonstrations… I could go on!

An example of a company who has taken full advantage of live streaming is Waitrose. The UK grocery chain took some footage in real time of the farms that it partners with so they could emphasise the quality and sustainability of the food sold in their stores. They took this a step further and projected that recording across a number of major UK train stations such as Waterloo and used the footage to create a TV ad the same day it was filmed. 

Yorkshire Tea used the platform to create brand awareness and they achieved just that with over 4.5k reactions and 116k views. As part of a Facebook Live video, they created a simple poll about tea preferences that was on-air for four hours, inviting users to vote by using emojis to react.

Snickers also went live during the Super Bowl 2017 with a 30 second advert and a 36-hour live stream prior to the game with several different interaction opportunities involving various celebrities and silly stunts. As you probably already know, the usual slogan that Snickers use is ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’.  The advert, starring Adam Driver, featured a western themed film set falling apart and all going wrong, and then finishing with a twist on their slogan: ‘You ruin live Super Bowl commercials when you’re hungry’. The ad was a huge hit thanks to the size of the audience at the Super Bowl and the engaging humour that was integral to the advert. Certainly an ambitious idea, done so well and definitely one that’s set the standard for future live ads in my opinion. 

I love how live video streaming has been interpreted and tailored in so many different ways to represent the brands, be it celebrity interviews and demos to live polls. But will this trend grow so much that they become annoying? With such huge benefits, I don’t think it will be too long until most brands do live videos and social media will be bombarded with them… so let’s appreciate them while we can!

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