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Jan 11, 2017

Keep your eyes on the prize

by Mike Benns - Board Director

Keep your eyes on the prize

And so the time has come around once again for the IPM Awards… the annual, mutual slap-on-the-back for agencies and clients who have excelled in creating and executing compelling and successful marketing campaigns.

We’re no strangers to the Awards ourselves having won a dozen or so over the last 25 years. Indeed, our work for Ocean Spray last year earned us a gold and a silver trophy handed over by the indomitable Bill Bailey.

I have been a judge many times and this process has changed dramatically. My first occasion was at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the early 90s and it involved sitting around a table reviewing sheets of paper and visuals spray-mounted onto polyboard. Nowadays, it’s all online of course, with videos and websites to review. We then gather in April, as a panel of judges, to discuss our shortlist and decide on the order of gold, silver and bronze.

My main tip for any entrant is to keep it brief. Just because a particular section has a word limit of 300 words, don’t feel you have to use all of them. If it can be said in 50, go for it. Less is more and short entries can sometimes come across as more powerful and more confident than wordy entries.

My next tip is to try and tell a story… lead the reader through the challenges in the brief and how you creatively met them, finishing with the results which of course are fantastic! If the client is reluctant to release any specific data then reassure them that it can be withheld from public domain but it is vital for judges to see how the activity actually performed.

After you have completed the online entry form, constantly read, review and edit before formally submitting it. Cut out any words, phrases or whole sentences which don’t add to the story or are implicit elsewhere. Try and be ruthless but make sure it’s all still there so someone who knew nothing about the activity can easily understand what happened.

So, in summary, if you are good at telling short, punchy stories then you would be good at completing an awards entry! Good luck!

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