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Apr 25, 2018

It’s a boy!

by Mary Anne FitzGerald - Client Services Director

It’s a boy!

So, Louis Arthur Charles is here and he’s already earning his keep by boosting economic opportunities for retailers and generating millions for the British economy. According to The Centre for Retail Research, the new Royal baby is expected to generate over £87m over the first few weeks of his life. Significantly less than his older brother (£247m) and on a par with his sister (£80m) and still a goodly sum. 

Memorabilia will be a sizeable £28m chunk of this total, including overseas sales. Newspapers and magazines will notch up an additional £9m in sales, especially of souvenir editions.  Depending what Baby Cambridge III is seen in, up to £20m will be spent on baby clothes and goods and we’ll fork out £30m on celebrations, primarily food and drink. 

So it’s no wonder that a variety of retailers have once again jumped on the Royal baby train to encourage us to welcome the new arrival with open arms and wallets, John Lewis being a case in point.

In a timely fashion and at the other end of the price scale, Lidl has launched a new baby range. In stores from 26thApril, the new and improved Lupilu range starts at 39p for a Organic Apple and Wholewheat Pouch. Good Housekeeping endorsed nappies cost 89p for a 24 pack and you can clean up with baby wipes for 52p. As as a Lidl spokesperson put it ‘every parent can treat their tot like a prince or princess – but without the regal price tag’

Meanwhile Morrisons, in a departure from its current focus on its new Savers Range and Wonky Veg, raised a celebratory glass and promoted cut price bubbles at the same time.

Brands however have by and large restricted their congratulations to social platforms. Krispy Kreme called the news sweet, Clipper Teas raised a toast with their own ‘little cup of joy’, and Innocent gave us names to go with George.

But where were all the buns? Albeit WKD was unlikely to do a straight repeat of this 2015 ad

but I was looking forward to another contribution from Warburtons which has a great track record in nailing royal announcements. Prince George’s birth was heralded with this memorable offering.

Followed by the brilliant Royal Toast when Princess Charlotte arrived.

Perhaps they, like many other brands, are saving themselves for that wedding next month. I wonder if WKD will rise the occasion. Watch this space…

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