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Jun 19, 2018

“I’m bored..!”

by Nina McCoy - Senior Account Director

“I’m bored..!”

Entertaining the children inexpensively over the impending summer holidays is the challenge of many parents but it’s also a great way for family brands to engage with parents to provide help and ideas for their brood.

Our current campaign for Crusha milkshake encourages 5-11 year olds to mix it up this summer.

Partnering with child-centric brands The Creation Station and Party Delights children will enjoy fun creative activities, great prizes and delicious samples. See the website here.

Here’s a round up of just a few of the ways other brands are helping with the boredom challenge this summer.

Vue’s Mini Mornings sessions, where children aged 2-12 can watch the selected movies for £2.49 each at weekends and in school holidays. Parents get in for the same price. Odeon and Cineworld have similar offerings.

Pom Bear has a simple but effective ‘activity mixer’ – just select from a few variables such as time available, budget, and number of people and it will generate some great ideas. Nice that the brand doesn’t feel the need to mention themselves throughout too much as well.

Persil’s Dirt is Good campaign goes far beyond their memorable TV ads. The website has some inspirational ideas for things to do with kids, and intrinsically linked throughout are sensible tips for stain removal. My only complaint is how often it’s updated – the first activity to create a Witch’s Cauldron suggests they are either very early or very late promoting Halloween!

Another example of the need to update your site regularly is Flora’s Baking with Kids page. Some lovely recipes no question and a great wat to get kids baking with the brand, but pumpkins and snowmen in June just feels a bit odd.

A perennial favourite for kids is a trip to a theme park. But the price tag for an ‘average’ family entrance tickets alone can carry a hefty price tag. Whilst not a new idea, this Grown Ups Go Free route is working for both families and the brand as it’s becoming an annual feature on Kellogg’s cereal boxes every summer.

Alternatively, you could try this with your cereal box….

  • Get a big-ish cereal box and tear off the flaps at the top.
  • Stand the box on its end and then get your kids together (adults too!) and take turns picking it up with your teeth. 
  • You are not allowed to use your hands or put your hands or bottom on floor, if you do, you’re out.
  • After everyone’s had a go tear about an inch off the top so the box gets smaller.
  • Keep going until you have a winner…one for the office on a Friday afternoon perhaps!

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