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Jan 16, 2018

Dyson’s better and bigger Apple!

by Kevin Frost - Creative Partner

Dyson’s better and bigger Apple!

Now we all appreciate Apple has led the show when it comes to brilliant retail merchandising, but what is truly puzzling is why no one has followed their approach... until now!

For years Apple has been in full control of their product showcasing, whether it is within their own stores or resellers. Simple, clean focussing purely on the products and not on the retail fixtures that support them.

Displaying the products like pieces of beautifully created art, simply presented leaves the selling to the products and focus on the features. Simple however comes with its own logistical challenges and financial pressures that only the big can deal with.

There I was admiring the new Apple store recently in NYC when my eyes were drawn to a shiny, clean new fascia on the opposite side of the street bearing the marque of Dyson.

The store is a perfect example of applying the Apple approach to its product range with the overlay of warmth and contextualisation.

Where Dyson scores, in my opinion, over Apple is in its personality. It feels highly controlled, slick but is far more emotive in its approach. The products are supported with styled techy imagery delivered on massive flat screen displays that shoppers are (excuse the pun) completely sucked into.

As with Apple, the products sell themselves with clear navigation to features and price that shoppers can choose the machine with little effort that best fits their need and budget. The smart part of the store layout must be the result of careful behavioural studies of how easy it is to appraise the ‘next level up models’ which encourages re-evaluation and increased spend from the models initially selected by shoppers.

All in all a great example of a brand that oozes style and ‘tech spec’ that is showcased and wrapped in a store that feels like one of its very own products.

Clearly a well-conceived model that is now undergoing a massive global roll out.

Take a look at the Marble Arch store when you’re next passing.

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