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Nov 09, 2016

Kevin’s creative conundrum, no.3

by Kevin Frost - Creative Partner

Kevin’s creative conundrum, no.3

So who thought Brexit couldn’t be Trumped?

Well just when we thought the impossible couldn’t happen again, so it does.

Even the experts couldn’t see it coming but, once again, the people have spoken.

So what lessons can be learnt from ‘Brand Trump’ and ‘Brand Brexit’ that can be deployed when we speak to our own brand audiences?

Keep it simple. Make it relevant. Be bold.

Whatever you think about these monumental events, both followed a similar line with Vote Leave’s ‘Let’s take back control’ campaign and Trump’s ‘Let’s make America great again’ focus.

Certainly stronger rallying calls to action than Remain’s ‘Better in’ and Clinton’s ‘Better together’ which allowed voters to ask ‘Better than what’ or played on people's fear of change?

We are clearly in an era where the public at large are frustrated with ‘the same’ and are demanding change.

So if it is change people are looking for let’s do things differently.

Disrupt the norm and entertain with activity people can remember and act upon. Simple, but very few campaigns truly achieve it.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to get brand messages away in-store with retailers ‘taking more control’ of their own media spaces and dictating where and how brands can speak to their shoppers.

So we have to think smarter, act smarter and be smarter in the way we speak. We continue to fall into line with ‘retail activation’ when we should be taking a wider approach and driving ‘strategic shopper’ centric thinking to force that change.

Let’s think more about brand experiences than branded POS. Let’s have a conversation with our shoppers rather than ‘shout at them from the shelf’ in the struggle to stand out. And more than anything else, let’s give shoppers absolute reasons to buy based on a product’s relevance rather than a product’s price.

We have to question what role the actual store plays in our wider communication strategy and how we get to shoppers through different methods.

As Christmas starts to appear in-store, I was caught in the conundrum of will we see any difference to this year's campaigns compared to any that have gone before?

TV always seems to nail it with Tesco this year taking the refreshing approach of knocking the early Christmas selling amongst shoppers although the Christmas offering from John Lewis feels a somewhat familiar trodden path!

So, creative teams, I call on you wherever you are. Come on, let’s take back control of our creative opportunities and make marketing great again!

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