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Mar 23, 2018

‘EGG’-cellent Easter Alternatives!

by Becky Reid - Account Director

‘EGG’-cellent Easter Alternatives!

With Easter fast approaching, we have been looking at some of the alternatives that are out there for you to indulge in. This year has seen a rise in the creation of Easter treats that are (mostly) chocolate based but do not come in the usual ‘egg’ shaped format. Some that caught our eye include:

Hotel Chocolat ‘Egg’ and ‘Lamb & Mint’ Sandwiches:

Whilst eggs and lambs are traditionally linked with Easter and Spring time, I am not sure how sandwiches link with this time of year but that hasn’t stopped Hotel Chocolat.

With their original launch of an ‘egg sandwich’ with caramel, this year’s addition is a ‘Lamb and Mint Sandwich’ which focuses on the traditional Easter lunch; bringing together a lamb shaped sandwich with milk chocolate and Tasmanian mint flavours. Apparently Hotel Chocolat even put a loaf of bread through a 3D scanner to ensure that the sandwiches look like the real thing. At £10, it is an expensive option, but if novelty and mint flavours are what you are after then this will very much be up your street.

The next example is another non-traditional Easter food item, which is being dubbed as the 'millennial' egg… a chocolate avocado ‘egg’. Sadly for those avocado enthusiasts out there, it is made completely of chocolate - the shell and stone made of Belgian chocolate with a white chocolate middle (using natural colouring to imitate the fruit). This has sold out online proving the love for everything avocado is not yet diminishing.

The third is a handmade Cadbury Crème Scotch Egg… it must be noted that this has not been created by Cadburys themselves but are available from Sweet Trees at Not on the High Street.

This delicious looking chocolate creation is perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate chocolate indulgence this Easter as it includes a Cadburys Creme egg wrapped in a chocolate toffee crisp biscuit crunch, then rolled to a finish in chocolate biscuit crumbs. Delicious!

If chocolate is not your thing then you are in luck as Blacksticks Blue has created a cheese egg – in their words ‘ a taste of the un”EGG”spected’!

The ‘cheester egg’, aka cheese Easter egg, is back and available in Asda. It is made entirely from Blacksticks Blue Cheese and comes with mini oatcakes and caramelised onion chutney. Retailing at £14.95, it is the perfect alternative to the traditional Easter egg for cheese lovers.

The final example, whilst a traditional egg shape, it is intended for man’s best friend rather than personal consumption. Pets at Home are selling a cocoa and gluten free Easter egg; positioned as a dog-friendly alternative to chocolate to ensure that they don’t miss out on the fun this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Whatever egg you go for, I hope that you have an ‘EGG’-cellent Easter!

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