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Here you'll find cupboards full of insight-led shopper, consumer and trade marketing experience. We've got the type of swish, sparkly thinking that makes the neighbours jealous – and energy? Well, we've got bagsful.

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After 24 years, we are still independent giving us a flexibility and agility that our clients love. We have no constraints from a parent group or other affiliation and the owners of the business all work in the agency.

We believe our creativity and our culture get us noticed and that we are an approachable, friendly family that our clients enjoy being a part of as well.

Every brief is treated with a tailored approach… there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ at our place and we aim for big results no matter what your budget.

Don't take our word for it, just ask the IPM.

Our ideas support a brand on its journey from creation to consumption.

The Buyers Desk

We provide the tools and confidence to sell-in ideas, products and campaigns to commercial buying teams across different channels.

The Shoppers Basket

We combine robust shopper insights, defined purchase barriers and our deep understanding of shoppers and retailers to drive sales.

The Consumers Hands

Our brand activation plans make sure consumers are stimulated to act and so they just keep coming back for more via trial, engagement or loyalty.

Toucan Family

Meet the familySay hello to the senior team

We think it’s important that you like us.

Don’t expect any egos, but do expect confidence in our ability and for us to care passionately.

We’re nice people who love working together. We really think like a tight knit family.

And we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Gary Rapps

I’m Gary, Managing Director of Toucan and someone who thrives on helping brands grow. You could say I laid the foundations for the agency over 20 years ago — and I’m as committed to building our clients’ businesses today as I am my own.

Whether being the architect of large strategic blue prints or just rolling up my sleeves and helping to hang the wallpaper, I just love to be involved. 

Looking forward to seeing you around our place soon.


Mike Benns

Hello. I’m Mike, a founding director of Toucan and someone who gets worryingly obsessed by things… Apple technologies, Crystal Palace FC, playing table tennis, the San Francisco Giants… I can’t really explain why. As a child of the 70s, I blame it on only having three TV channels and an unhealthy fascination with the trade test card.

At work, my obsession is delivering the best damn creative marketing solutions that surpass our clients’ objectives… Simple as that. Crackerjack!


Kevin Frost

Hi, I’m Kevin and there’s nothing more that makes me leap out of bed in the morning than the smell of fresh coffee and a meaty creative challenge to get stuck into.

For over 25 years I have developed creative strategies that manifest themselves in best sellers; helping brands fly off the shelves into millions of homes all over the world. I’m the one heard saying “why are we doing this?” or “what is the bigger brand opportunity?” before we look at which of our tools will do the job or what creative initiatives will deliver that gem of an idea to our target.

Whether it’s brand strategy, creative development or just spending time with our clients, I love going home knowing I’ve done brilliant work that makes brands sell.


Nina McCoy

Hello, I’m Nina, Senior Account Director and bit of a gatekeeper in our home. I can often be heard saying “If we refer to the brief…” not simply to annoy the creative team, but to make sure that the ideas we create meet our clients’ stated objectives.

I then work with my colleagues to bring the ideas to market in the best possible ways, whilst keeping a lid on the household budget.


Sam Lepore

Hi, my name is Sam and I'm Toucan's Finance Director. I basically make sure the company is functioning efficiently with the correct infrastructure to support the work we do for our clients.

In between juggling many tasks and running a busy household, I like to take time out for a lunchtime run. I like to keep active and enjoy making the most out of life. The older I get, the younger I feel.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne FitzGerald

Hi, I’m Mary Anne. I’m Toucan’s Client Services Director. For clients old and new I love nothing more than getting to know you, your businesses, brands and trading goals. Call me a nosey neighbour if you like, but the insights I gain give us the understanding and inspiration to address those challenges and come up with simply super solutions.

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20 Sep 2016

Lunchboxing Clever

by Gary Rapps - Managing Director

Lunchboxing Clever

The new school year has begun and with it comes the usual increase in morning traffic, temper tantrums over homework and a host of surveys published on what we are feeding our kids. The general consensus regarding the latter, as far as homemade packed lunches are concerned, is that parents really could do better!! Early this month The Guardian reported that only 1.6% of children’s lunchboxes across English primary schools met canteen nutritional standards. Quoting a study carried out at Leeds University it highlighted the fact that only 1 in 5 contained any vegetables or salad whilst over half had too many sweets or savoury snacks.

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17 Sep 2016

Shopping for Ideas: The IPM Annual Shopper Conference

by Helen Tarver - Account Manager

Shopping for Ideas: The IPM Annual Shopper Conference

Two weeks ago the IPM hosted its 2016 Shopper Marketing Conference which, along with the added advantage of a good lunch, gave me some…

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14 Sep 2016

Trend’tin’ Promotions

by Becky Vaughan - Account Director

Trend’tin’ Promotions

What is it about promotional tins that make them so appealing? They have been around for over 100 years yet they are as popular as…

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12 Sep 2016

Snapchat: a young person’s perspective

by Caity Beattie - Intern

Snapchat: a young person’s perspective

We recently had a 15 year old intern working for us here at Toucan Towers so I asked her to write an article about her media of choice……

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23 Aug 2016

Tea Leaves: a post Brexit tale

by Carey Trevill - Managing Director The Institute of Promotional Marketing

Tea Leaves: a post Brexit tale

If only I had a pound (or Euro!) for every time I’m asked at the end of every meeting 'So come on… what's next?'. I now stare at the…

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